Oleg Filippov
Software ArchitectProduct Manager
Expert in IT, software development, ERP systems, business automation and digital transformation.

+7 926 524 89 88

Professional Highlights
Over 18 years in IT. Most of this time I was a head of software development or IT departments. Took part in large automation projects, including Highload projects , some of my products are currently on the market.

Expert in Highload corporate systems architecture. Deep experience in accounting automation.

Keep up with Agile principles. Use Kanban for task flow. Take advantage of SAFe for scaling. Also PMI v3 certified.
My Stack
All "words" from below a have used in Producion. I also took part in onboarding and teach some of listed technologies. So i'm familiar with all of them. To "win" in morden IT world you shuld use lot's of different technologies, developed by others. Just a small "stop" can be fatal for your business. So, knowlage and usage of technologies, provided by others should be main priority for CTO.
DB Engines
PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle Database, ClickHouse, ElasticSearch, Redis, CouchDB/PuchDB, Couchbase.
Programming languages
BSL, C# (.NET Core), TypeScript, Python (только ML), MATLAB, MQL5.
Low-code frameworks
1C:Enterprise, Bubble, UIPath
Public Cloud
AWS, Yandex.Cloud
Message Brokers и Middleware
RabbitMQ, Kafka, MuleESB, YMQ, SQS, Apoollo.
Prometheus, Grafana, Terraform, Docker, Docker-Compose, Gitlab CI
Miro, Figma, Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, Slack
OpenCV, ML.NET, Scikit Learn, Keras, pyTorch
Frontend and Mobile
Angular 2+, Material, Vue, StoryBook, PrimeNG, Ionic, Nx, Ngxs
Postman, Katalon
Amplitude, DataLens, GDS, PowerBI
2017 - present. CTO at WiseAdvice.Tech
2015-2017 - Teamlead at SELA
2013-2015 CTO at Opticom
2012-2013 Deputy CTO at ANT-Inform.
2008-2011 TeamLead at A&T Trade
2007-2008 Senior software engineer
2004-2007 Software engineer
HighLoad++ 2019 Speaker, speaker in all Infostart Event from 2011 to 2019, speaker at Saint Petersburg CIO Club.
Master Degree in Computer Science and Master Degree in Economics, MBA Degree.
Many articles on Infostart (https://infostart.ru/profile/74713/) and in my personal blog (https://comol.livejournal.com/)
Trainer in OTUS
OpenSource projects
Author and main contributor in OpenSource projects: MagicUpdater (https://github.com/comol/MagicUpdater) and OneCWebFramework (https://github.com/1cwa/OneCWebFramework)
Archived projects
DtCourse - My Course
AlgoLab - Stock market robots
My product
https://onerpa.ru/ - RPA solution for international markets developed and maintained by me and my team
Articles in journals
Wrote over 10 articles for System Administrator and Corporate Financial Reporting journals
Courses and certification
Acquired a Product Designer profession in Netologiya online university in 2019 with excellent certification. Completed NodeJS courses in LoftSchool with А certification, Frontend courses in LoftSchool with А certification. Certified as Technical Expert, Project Manager and Specialist in 1C. Successfully completed KANBAN and SAFe courses.